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Individual Product Sheets: Please note that drawings are approximate and not to be used for engineering purposes – please contact us for specific dimensions.

TGF 24x24-38 mm Angle Frame
TGF 36x36-25 mm Angle Frame.pdf
TGF 36x36-25 mm Straight Angle Frame.pdf
TGF 48-25 mm Round Angle Frame.pdf
TGF 48x36-38 mm Angle Frame.pdf
TGF 48x48-25 mm Angle Frame.pdf
TGF_48x48-25 mm Straight Angle Frame.pdf
TGF 48x48-38 mm Angle Frame.pdf
TGF 48x48-44 mm Angle Frame.pdf
TWF 250-48x36.pdf
TWF 304-48x36 2 piece.pdf
TWF 406-42x36.pdf
TWF 406-48x36 2 piece.pdf
TWF 406-48x36.pdf
TWF 406-48x48 2 piece.pdf
TWF 406-48x48.pdf